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Edmon Escolano

Media Production

Edmon is the Media Production Specialist at Empower Wealth. With a degree in Fine Arts and Film, he has made a career pursuing his passion: smart designs that wow and high-impact videos that captivate and engage.

With a strong passion for growth and continuous development, Edmon isn’t the type to stay still. In the 18 years he has been in the graphic design and advertising industry, he has gained solid experience in marketing collateral creation, from website design and creative direction to special effects, and everything in between.

With grit and perseverance, as well as his flair for visual design, he has won and worked on projects for various businesses and even multinational companies like Ford and BMW.

For Empower Wealth, he provides video production solutions, which breaks down the complexity of finance, property and money management to simple and easy to digest manner for the general viewers.

When he’s not busy working on the latest Empower Wealth video, Edmon dons the chef’s hat and cooks for his family, tinkers with photography, and watches the latest from his favorite visual effects master class.


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