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Damien Maglicic

Qualified Property Investment Advisor

Damien is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) at Empower Wealth. Damien holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting/Finance), Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), QPIA and is currently studying towards his CPA accreditation.

An avid long term Property Couch listener, Damien reached one of his goals by joining Empower Wealth because of their philosophy of guiding clients through money and wealth decisions to build a more fulfilled life. Damien believes you can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want. He loves helping guide and advising his clients to bridge the gap from having goals and seeing those goals become accomplished.

Damien’s interest in property began with his first property purchase in 2009. His passion really ignited after reading several property investing books and magazines. Damien attends regular meet-ups, continues education through reading, podcasts and analysing property data to continually build his skills and knowledge. He really enjoys getting right into the numbers and researching property trends.

Spare time is spent with family and friends, continual education through books and podcasts, maintaining fitness, enjoying the outdoors and watching rugby league over the weekends. Damien is continuing to build his own property portfolio using the knowledge and continual skills he has acquired over the years.

Damien is very professional in assisting us with our Property Portfolio Plan. He answers our queries and is accommodating to our schedules when planning for meetings.

- Mutan March 2019

My husband and I were introduced to Empower Wealth via The Property Couch podcast. We were very impressed with their obvious knowledge, expertise and ease relaying valuable information to their listeners. The process and experience itself with Damien, Liz and the team was outstanding. You feel you can achieve your dreams and plans with an honest, hardworking ethic and income that doesn’t have to be too exorbitant. We are very grateful for this important financial stepping stone in our life together.

- Suzanne and Aaron (Melbourne, Australia) February 2019

Damien has helped me to continue my goals to be able to invest in property. In the midst of a process of acquiring a place now, and will continue to seek their assistance down the road when I’m on track for another! Nothing but pleasant things to say; Empower Wealth seem to really try to ask questions about us as their clients to ensure that it is a tailored plan that fits our needs, and not the other way around.

- Wei January 2019

Through Money Magazine I stumbled upon Ben and then the Empower Wealth team. We have been a regular client of theirs over the past 6 months to a year and have loved every aspect of working with them. We are based in Brisbane and the ability to use software and programs to still have a conversation equal to as if we were in the room was extremely helpful. We do plan on our next trip to Melbourne to drop into the office to meet the team and those we have had contact with face to face, as they really do treat you as if your apart of their family. We initially got our Property Portfolio Plan with Damien and then went on to purchased our first property in December 2018 with the assistance of Sarah from the Mortgage Broking team. Liz then assisted us in ensuring our insurances were all ready to go and we received the most value for money. Honestly very happy with our experience and I will be in contact for the purchase of our first investment property in a couple years.

- Keiran January 2019

I really appreciate Damien's help to put my plan together. I have really enjoyed pulling all the information together and getting organised. The plan and discussions around the detail of the plan have allowed me to see the bigger picture for my finances. Now I have to get going to get that first Oz house purchased and improve those cash flows.

- Paul January 2019

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