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Bec Pabst

Associate Buyers Agent

Bec is an Associate Buyers Agent. Prior to moving to Empower Wealth, Bec spent 10 years working in other areas related to property including commercial property management and property valuation. This cemented a love for property and real estate that just continues to grow.

She is fortunate enough to have extensive experience with many facets of property management and administration, including leasing, accounts, lease administration, business management and trust accounting.

As well as the various aspects of business Bec has experience in, she also has many years of experience with training staff and is incredibly passionate about imparting level of knowledge, skills and understanding on to newer members of a team.

The realisation that she spent more time looking on than she did on any other website drove Bec to seek a career that broadened her knowledge of the buying process. Learning from a team of extremely passionate Buyers Agents, she loves gaining knowledge about the different features and qualities that the team look for when considering properties and the factors taken in to consideration when deciding if a property is the right investment for a particular client.

Outside of her work, Bec enjoys reading, traveling and spending time in nature. She also loves a good cup of coffee, cooking and spending as much time as she can at the beach with her husband and fur-baby.



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