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Your Investment Property Magazine January's edition, Top 100 Places to Invest in 2019
Jeremy Sheppard Blog post by Jeremy Sheppard

Top 100 Places to Invest in 2019

Empower Wealth’s Research Director Jeremy Sheppard appeared in Your Investment Property Magazine’s January edition, Top 100 Places to Invest in 2019!

As part of their annual investment guide, Your Investment Property called on the help and calculated methodology of Jeremy and 3 other property data and analysis experts — Nerida Conisbee, John Lindeman and Simon Pressley — to compile an intensive research process into the markets that are showing promising signs of high demand this year.

Now that the Eastern Seaboard’s two big players — Sydney and Melbourne — are correcting, there’s a stronger focus on the little-known areas, suburbs that are primed for short term and long term growth or those that are considered “affordable”, either because they contain competitive prices in relation to the buyer appeal or compared to neighboring suburbs.

As mentioned in the article, Your Investment Property also selected these suburbs based on:

Suburbs that DID NOT make the cut…

  • Holiday Havens
  • One-industry towns
  • Retirement locations
  • Speculator markets

Before you go ahead and read the article (click image to read), please remember to do your own research and due-diligence on any property you’re considering or get a professional Buyers Agent to help you get better returns and avoid the common mistakes.

You also MUST be strategic with your investment decisions — be sure that the location and property you invest in meets your specific risk appetite, needs, budgets and targeted results. And if you are unsure about these, or you don’t have a strategic, tailored Plan in place to work out these variables for your own situation and potential, get in touch with a Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

Finally, if you’re interested in any property research methods, or you’re eager to jump in, immerse yourself in the data and DIY, watch our free educational research videos 🙂

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