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Jeremy Sheppard Blog post by Jeremy Sheppard

How to use data to find your next investment property

YIP Magazine - How to use data to find your next investment property - JSThe use of big data these days are unavoidable. With the internet boom in the 90s, most things are now digitalised from online forms that capture your information to the automatic geo-tracking on our smartphones. As scary as this may sound, it provides a wealth of information out there for us to based our decisions on and property investment is no different. Information such as Days to Market, Auction Clearance Rate are Vacancy Rates used to be so inaccessible. Now, all you need is good researching skills and a determination to be a better property investor.

In the June 2016 Issue of Your Investment Property Magazine, Jeremy Sheppard writes about how you can use data to find your next investment property. He’ll be discussing about what you need to consider in your property research and how to filter out those data to make sure you don’t get information overload.

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