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Jeremy Sheppard Blog post by Jeremy Sheppard

How to spot oversupplied and undersupplied markets?

YIP Magazine - How to spot oversupplied and undersupplied markets - JS thumbnailYou’ve heard us discussing the different cycles in a property market before and we’ve emphasised that it is crucial that you don’t but in an area where it is oversupplied. But what do we mean by oversupplied and undersupplied markets and how do you what condition is the market in?

This time on the February 2016 Issue of Your Investment Property Magazine, Jeremy Sheppard writes the telltales signs that you can look at when spotting for oversupplied and undersupplied markets. He starts this article with the basics of supply and demand and then, followed by the factors that cause an oversupplied market. He will also be sharing some examples of these markets. Click on the image to start reading the article.

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