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Thomas & Jane’s Journey


Talented and artistic couple, Thomas and Jane*, were based in London with their children. Hearing about our services online and realising that we offer these services to international clients as well as those in Australia, they set up an initial online consultation. From here, the correspondence continued—meetings were held online; Thomas and Jane were able to see our screen so they didn’t miss out on anything.

Thomas and Jane wanted to purchase their first investment property to kick-start a portfolio that would set them, and their kids, up for financial freedom. Basically; Thomas and Jane were hankering for an improved lifestyle that would offer them the stability unavailable in their present situation.

The Search Process

Alike all of our clients, each being as unique in their situation as Thomas and Jane, they developed their Property Portfolio Plan before turning to our Buyers’ Agents Team. Linda Blaschka—known for catching an asset with a great deal of capital growth potential—was the person for the job!

As Thomas and Jane were searching for a property with a $300,000-odd price tag, it made sense that they were aiming for an investment grade location with a high yield. Given this, Linda narrowed the search to several key areas in Queensland. The reason being: she wanted to get more bang for their buck and, realistically, Thomas and Jane’s price range made the north of Australia an ideal market to bank their money.

The selection

After quite the hunt, Linda discovered a bright 2 bedroom unit in a prime location on the Sunshine Coast. The property sat on a boutique block very close to the beach! Not only this; but it was also in the vicinity of many other lifestyle drivers we look out for—cafes, shops and transport. Such factors made it investment grade worthy and Thomas and Jane were happy to go ahead with the purchase and trust Linda’s professional judgement.

The Negotiation

The purchase was processed by means of a private negotiation. Given Thomas and Jane were based overseas, it was obvious that Linda steered the reins on the entire transaction. Quite often this is the true benefit of enlisting the help of a Buyer’s Agent: they act in their clients’ best interest and can be counted on to deliver the best possible results even without their client being present.

Linda, handling negotiations on a daily basis, was able to secure the property with ease and use her gift of the gab to negotiate a range of additional ‘golden eggs’ into the contract!

The Pre and Post Settlement Service

As is the way with all of our clients; after the property was purchased we coordinated the building inspection and all contract reviews. This meant making sure all negotiations made, including additional contract conditions and various maintenance items, were checked and carried out correctly. We assisted with property managers and made sure everything was in place for Thomas and Jane. They were ecstatic to sit back in London and watch their money grow in Australia! Another brilliant win!

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