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Cas & Rei’s Journey

Self Managed Super Fund Success

Cas and Rei*, a lovely couple based in Melbourne were wanting to kick start their property portfolio. They were on the hunt for two properties to achieve a passive income for retirement. One for pure investment and the other for a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). After seeing our Property Investment Advisers and Licensed Financial Planner (any SMSF advice must legally be given only by a Licensed Financial Planner), Cas and Rei were armed with their PWP plan and professional, client-focussed advice.

The Search Process

With two A-grade properties to search for, Cas and Rei enlisted the help of our Buyer’s Agent, Linda Blaschka. They knew a Buyer’s Agent could help them with the entire process—sourcing the properties, negotiating with agents, clarifying their needs and wants and bidding on their behalf at auction. After meeting Linda, Cas and Rei were excited about their plan. They had their sights set on gentrifying suburbs, which, overtime, would give them the capital gains they were after, achieving their bread-winning goal of creating a passive income for retirement.

The selection

Again, two investment grade properties to track down meant Linda—thanks to the compressive pool of resources available at Empower Wealth—was able to narrow the search. With a bit of time and support on their side, Cas and Rei found both of the properties that would meet their requirements. For their SMSF, they chose a merited, single-level townhouse in Newport. Additionally, their pure investment asset was a house, perfectly located and full of potential, in Pascoe Vale.

The Negotiation

Linda, like all our Buyers’ Agents, is savvy in her ability to buy an off market property, using her network to seal the deal before the competition gets a look in. This was the case with Cas and Rei’s SMSF purchase in Newport. But Linda’s negotiation prowess didn’t stop there. The house in Pascoe Vale was sold through private negotiation, meaning Cas and Rei didn’t have to feel auction pressure or disappointment for either properties.

The Pre and Post Settlement Service

As is the way with all of our clients; after the property was purchased we coordinated the building inspection and all contract reviews. This meant making sure all negotiations made, including additional contract conditions and various maintenance items, were checked and carried out correctly. We assisted with property managers and Linda threw in another bonus … she found tenants and arranged when they would move in, prior to settlement. She followed through with this to make sure everything was in place for Cas and Rei—they would see rent coming in as soon as possible. They were ecstatic to sit back and watch their money grow. Another brilliant win!

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