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Alric Wu

Associate Property Investment Advisor

Alric is an Associate Property Investment Advisor. Prior to moving into the Property Investment Industry, Alric worked in the Accounting industry as an External Auditor. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Honours) and Business, majoring in Accounting. Alric is now studying to become a Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

Originally from Brisbane, Alric’s relentless intrigue and passion in property investment took off after being introduced to the concept of compounding and leverage; even more so after witnessing success in his family through his father and brother’s property investments. An avid property couch listener, Alric strongly believes in surrounding yourself with people who will lift you higher. As such, in 2017, Alric jumped at the opportunity to embrace his passion and surround himself with the best in the industry by joining Empower Wealth. After all, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. He is now using the knowledge and skills gained to build his own property portfolio.

When he is not furthering his education through attending seminars, research, readings and podcasts, he enjoys time with family and friends, snowboarding and maintaining fitness through gym.

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