Money Magazine – Ben Kingsley on 10 Home Buyer Traps

Money Magazine 10 Home Buyer Traps Ben Kingsley e1355359603799 Money Magazine   Ben Kingsley on 10 Home Buyer TrapsBuying your home will undoubtedly be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so you want to make sure you get it right. In the November 2012 Issue of the Money Magazine, Ben Kingsley is interviewed to provide the Top 10 Home Buyer Traps, identifying the most common Mistakes/Pitfalls that home buyers can make. Amongst the common mistakes that Ben listed are forgetting pre-approval, borrowing powers and underestimating costs. Very often than not, buyers tend to forget these essential steps in the hype of securing a home but are they making a smart purchase or merely an emotional one?

Make sure to read this to help you in avoiding costly mistakes from the time you buy the home till the time you pass it to your children.. or perhaps the time when you sell it.